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Become a blockchain or cryptocurrency expert in less than 7 hours. Last Updated: September 01, 2021

Blockchain technology has become synonymous with cryptocurrency, but did you know it's not just about trading? Blockchain is an emerging technology that aims to establish trust in the digital age. The blockchain has been around for a decade, but it’s only been in the last year or so that it’s been getting a lot of attention due to the rapid growth in cryptocurrency.

The term "blockchain" refers to a digital ledger that records transactions or other data in blocks that are linked together cryptographically to form a chain. This technology is decentralized and transparent, meaning that no single person or company controls it.
A blockchain can be used for many applications, including recording transactions without the need for third-party verification, simplifying healthcare record-keeping, managing land titles in developing countries, preventing fraud in voting systems, and more. 

In simple words, Blockchain is the technology that powers many cryptocurrencies. As this technology evolves, new opportunities are being created by organizations all over the world.

This article will summarize the top certification courses in blockchain and cryptocurrency and help you understand why getting this certifications will prove to be your competitive advantage giving enterprises confidence in the quick hire.


1. Certified Blockchain Expert™

This Certified Blockchain Expert course will introduce you to blockchain technology and provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to implement it into any business. Led by an expert in the field, this hands-on training gives concrete examples of how companies have utilized blockchain to solve common challenges.You'll explore topics such as: blockchain's history, its potential uses, the basics of cryptography and hashing algorithms, how blockchain mining works, how transaction (UTXO) work (including smart contracts), and what makes blockchain different from other databases.

You'll come away from this course with the knowledge and skills needed to implement your own blockchain enterprise. Considered a top emerging skill, a Certified Blockchain Expert will have a competitive advantage in any career path you choose.

Duration - 7 - 10 hours
Level - Beginner and Intermediate
Certification by -  Blockchain Council.
Price - $149  Use BCC10 for 10% off now

Get Certified in Blockchain Technology.

After completing this certification, you get something similar to this:

blockchain certificate


2. Certified Cryptocurrency Expert™ (CCE)

The Certified Cryptocurrency Expert (CCE) course is designed to help individuals learn the basics of Cryptocurrency trading. Participants will learn how to make the best trading decisions in the busy Crypto market. They also get to know the basics of Blockchain technology behind the scenes. This course aims to make Cryptocurrency concepts easily accessible to those who have little or no prior knowledge. Industry leaders have used years of experience and research to create the certification.

You'll learn about the crypto exchange & trade process, comparison between stock market and crypto market, crypto mining, an in-depth training on technical analysis in crypto trading, risk management and market psychology and many more.

Duration - 4 hours
Certification by -  Blockchain Council.
Price - $149  Use code BCC10 for 10% off now

Get Certified in Crypto

crypto certificate


3. Certified Bitcoin Expert™

This exclusive training and certification covers a wide range of theoretical and practical aspects of bitcoin, including the introduction to Bitcoin and Blockchain, P2P networks and regulations, how bitcoin works & its units, and how to purchase bitcoins. The  Certified Bitcoin Expert™ certifies individuals to work in the field of Distributed Ledger Technology. Your career will grow by becoming a certified Bitcoin expert. 

The Certification provided by this course also allows individuals to work in the field of Distributed Ledger Technology. This certification is vendor-neutral.

A Certified Bitcoin Expert is a professional who has a deep understanding of bitcoin and blockchain technologies. They have in-depth knowledge in the fundamentals of bitcoin, the competitive advantages to this new technology, and know how to use it in their business or career.

Duration - 6 hours
Certification by -  Blockchain Council.
Price - $149  Use code BCC10 for 10% off now

Become an expert in Bitcoin

bitcoin certificate


4. Certified Ethereum Expert™

This Certified Ethereum Expert course will give you a complete understanding of Ethereum Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Decentralized applications, and more. The contents of this course are carefully curated and developed to focus on the core concepts of the Ethereum blockchain.

An Ethereum Expert is someone who creates decentralized protocols and applications to improve fault tolerance and process large amounts of data. This certification will allow you to create Ethereum-based applications in enterprises. It will also increase your chances of a fulfilling career in Blockchain.

Duration - 5 hours
Certification by -  Blockchain Council.
Price - $149  Use code BCC10 for 10% off now

Get Certified

ethereum certificate


Top benefits of having a certification in blockchain or cryptocurrency.

1. High paying jobs.

2. High demand for blockchain developers.

3. Wide career options.

4. It's the future. Since blockchain is now emerging, there is a lot of potential for innovation.

Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Etherium, have recently gained momentum in the financial world. However, these currencies aren't just digital money you can spend online. They're a new kind of asset that could potentially replace the traditional and centralized monetary system we know today. Hence sharpening your skills in this field is now more important than ever.

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