BitcoinLib: Cryptocurrency Library for Python

pip install bitcoinlib

Bitcoinlib is a python cryptocurrency library, it is used to create and manage wallets for bitcoin, litecoin, dash, etc . This library can be used at a high level to build and control wallets from the command line, or at a low level to create your own custom transactions, files, keys, or wallets.

It supports most of the features that are required for building applications using Bitcoin, Bitcoin transactions, bitcoin addresses, private keys and multiple other cryptocurrencies based on the same protocol. It uses pure python implementation; so many applicable platforms are available to use (cross-platform).

Using simple and straightforward Python code, you can create and manage transactions, addresses/keys, wallets, mnemonic password phrases, and blocks.

To know more about what this library can do for you or your organization please refer to the documentation page.

The library comes with a  fully functioning wallet, complete with multiple signatures, multiple currencies, and multiple accounts.

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