cocos2d 0.6.9

pip install cocos2d

a 2D framework for games and multimedia

Project Author:

cocos2d Team

Project Summary:

a 2D framework for games and multimedia

Project Description:

A framework for building 2D games, demos, and other graphical/interactive applications. Draws using OpenGL, which is hardware accelerated.
Targets the Operating Systems linux, mac or windows on Pc-like hardware.
Provides some conventions and classes to help you structure a “scene based application”.
A cocos2d application consists of several scenes, and a workflow connecting the different scenes.
It provides you with a “director” (a singleton) which handles that workflow between scenes.
Each scene is composed of an arbitrary number of layers;
layers take care of drawing to the screen (using the pyglet and OpenGL APIs), handling events and in general contain all of the game/application logic.

cocos2d simplifies the game development in these areas:

  • Flow control: Manage the flow control between different scenes in an easy way

  • Sprites: Fast and easy sprites

  • Actions: Just tell sprites what you want them to do. Composable actions like move, rotate, scale and much more

  • Effects: Effects like waves, twirl, lens and much more

  • Tiled Maps: Support for rectangular and hexagonal tiled maps

  • Collision: Basic pure python support for collisions

  • Transitions: Move from scene to scene with style

  • Menus: Built in classes to create menus

  • Text Rendering: Label and HTMLLabel with action support

  • Built-in Python Interpreter: For debugging purposes

  • Access to OpenGL functionality

  • and much more!

Learning Resources for Cocos2d
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